1. Steak II

    I bought a pack of 6 pieces of Chuck Round steak at Food Lion the other day for $9. As a result, I have been feasting on 2 piece of steaks every single day. Not good not good. I am so addicted; I feel happy chewing to the juicy and oh so tender steak…I don’t think I can ever be a vegetarian in my life. 

    Anyways, I don’t think my tummy really likes handling two pieces of steak everyday especially when I am stressing out so I have to switch my meals up. In case you are curious of how I made them, it was the same technique that I showed in my previous steak post. The only difference is that I switched up the side dish. 

    Steak with homemade fried red potatoes.

    Don’t forget to crack some fresh pepper. Yum! Not pictured is some strawberry salad I made from the on-sale strawberries. 1.29/box, can’t beat it!

    Then I made some steak for lunch today. This time, I throw in a lot of garlic and thyme to spice up the taste.